Trent Tomlinson - "That's What's Working Right Now"

One of Nashville's favorite songwriters delivers an early leader in the clubhouse for single of the year.

Just when he thought he’d give up on the music business, Trent found kindred spirits in the songwriting community (Love and Theft’s Stephen Barker Liles and singer/songwriter Mark McGuinn amongst them) and stuck it out and has started to see the fruits of his labor in the form of a few singles for Parmalee, Love and Theft, Gretchen Wilson and Brent Young.

After those few years out in the wild, Trent Tomlinson is back and actually better than ever with his new self-released album That’s What’s Working Right Now. While “When She Goes There” proved to be a big hit with SiriusXM satellite radio fans, the album's title track, the follow-up single for the Satcaster, is even better. “That’s What’s Working Right Now” is a classic country song through and through and proves why Tomlinson was primed to be a star several years ago when his record label up and closed while a single was rising up the charts.

The song has fiddles and steel guitars and — surprise — they aren’t buried deep in the mix! Instead they give this song, with an honest to God country song title and theme — the guts to go where Trent takes it. With an emotive vocal, Trent delivers one of the early contenders for song of the year.