Exclusive Premiere: Judd Warrick - "Town Of Dreams"

Take a listen to this brilliant new song from singer/songwriter Judd Warrick's forthcoming Americana album - "Brokenland" - set to hit stores in May.

Another day and another very cool new track to share with y’all on Roughstock! We came across Judd Warrick and he’s got a fantastic forthcoming album (Brokenland) of beautiful storytelling and paints a story on “Town Of Dreams,” a great new track about persevering through all odds in the pursuit of your dreams. For anyone who has followed their heart toward the uncharted territories of their dreams, Judd Warrick’s “Town Of Dreams” promises to resonate. It can also serve as inspiration for those of us who’ve always thought of pursuing a dream but never allowed ourselves to. Take the chance, even if the odds seem long!

About “Town Of Dreams”

“‘Town of Dreams’ is a song about a real person from my past. I was working at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. I met an amazing person there. She was a Midwest farmer's daughter going to dental school. We met at an open mic summer one night.

She is a fantastic songwriter and performer. Her dream was not to be in school. She wanted to be in Nashville writing and singing songs. After about ten months, she dropped out of school and moved to Nashville. We stayed in contact for many years.

‘Town of Dreams’ is her story about arriving in Nashville, being homesick, working terrible jobs, and wondering if she had made the right decisions.

It tells the story of her determination to live her dream no matter what, and it has stayed with me all these years. She was an example to me; I walked away from my dreams for 25 years but finally decided to come back and work on them again. And that's my message to anyone who will listen: It's never too late to work on your dreams.”

Judd Warrick Town Of Dreams Cover 1 3000x3000