Album Review: Trent Tomlinson - “That’s What’s Working Right Now”

One of Nashville’s best songwriters showcases why he deserves another crack at stardom on this, his latest album.

With a handful of almost hits and a lot of good will in Nashville artist community, Trent Tomlinson was at the point where he was about ready to call it quits on his artist career to focus on songwriting. But, fortunately for us, he didn't. And, after listening to That’s What’s Working Right Now, I’m glad he decided to make another go of it as a singer and songwriter as the 12 track album is exactly the kind of record we need more of in the mainstream of country music.

Blending traditional lyric sensibilities with a knack for melody, Tomlinson gets things going right away with the groovy ear worm “Dust.” Strong metaphors help Trent guide a story about a guy who wasn’t nearly as aggressive about leaving his past relationship as he now wishes he was. “When She Goes There,” currently a hit on The Highway, has hooks galore with tight sing-a-long ready choruses while “One Way In” is a strong story about a country town where nobody ever leaves with the refrain setting the scene “There’s one way in and no way out.”

“Eyes On You” has another groove-filled vibe in that it could’ve easily been a 1980s Ronnie Milsap hit or a 2016 hit for nearly any male country radio star. The title track, “That’s What’s Working Right Now” is a slice of Neo-traditional gold as is the album’s closer “Called Up Hell.” The song “Cry Baby” may have drum loops in the mix but it’s still very much a country ballad in both lyric and melody. “Right Where We Want It” is as contemporary as any song you’re likely to hear on the radio and that’s what’s good about That’s What’s Working Right Now; The album showcases Trent Tomlinson as both a radio-ready star and a man who is one of the best damn country singers (and songwriters) on the planet.