Album Review: Rehab - Gullible's Travels

With a string of strong albums behind them, Rehab returns with Gullible's Travels, the group's first album with AVJ Records, part of the Average Joes Entertainment group. Read on to see what we say about the album.

Exene Cervenka - The Excitement of Maybe

This Exene Cervenka album may come as a shock to anyone familiar with the singer/songwriter’s past work with the iconic punk band X and may even surprise fans of The Knitters, the folk-rock offshoot of X. Is it a good album?

Diana Jones - High Atmosphere

Adopted into a family based on Long Island, NY, Diana Jones came about her love of roots music naturally and later found out she came from a musical family w/connections to Chet Atkins.  How does she showcase those roots here?

Brian Wright - House On Fire

Sometimes music is too broad to be confined to a neat little box to check a genre in. This is explicitly why we try to share albums like House on Fire with you, in addition to our regular mainstream country music. It's too good not to.

Israel Nash Gripka - Barn Doors and Concrete Floors

Israel Nash Gripka has been compared to heartland country/rockers like Ryan Adams or Jakob Dylan and legends like Bruce Springsteen.  Is he able to manage to live up to these types of comparisons?

Hayes Carll - KMAG YOYO

Hayes Carll last album Trouble In Mind gave him a wider audience and with many of his songs featured in the film Country Strong (most by Garrett Hedlund), the profile is even higher. Check out what we think of this new relea

Bill Mallonee & Vigilantes of Love - Starry Eyed

Listen to this great tune from americana singer/songwrtier Bill Mallonnee and his band Vigilantes of Love.  The song features harmony vocals from Buddy and Julie Miller.  Perhaps this tune will get a mainstream country remake one of these days?

Elizabeth Cook - Welder

Elizabeth Cook has always been an artist who fell between the cracks of country music. Her previous albums, filled with her Florida twang and traditional instruments were far too country to be played on mainstream radio. Is this the same?

Jill King - Rain On Fire

After recording and releasing two albums while a Nashville resident, Jill King decided she needed to do something and go somewhere else, with California being her destination.  Does this album differ sonically from the first two records?