Album Review: Rehab - Gullible's Travels

With a string of strong albums behind them, Rehab returns with Gullible's Travels, the group's first album with AVJ Records, part of the Average Joes Entertainment group. Read on to see what we say about the album.

Not technically marketed towards a country audience, Gullible’s Travels is nonetheless a record which will appeal to the same group of fans that can listen to an Aldean song one minute and a Lil Wayne song the next. This is the ‘new breed’ of fans mentioned above.  The record starts off with the laid-back, sing-song-y “Waho By The Hoti,” a tune which finds Danny “Boone” Alexander singing and rapping about stuff from his past, a party palace of sorts near a Waffle House that offered a good buzz and a good time for the sort of people who are often marginalized by society. “King of Tweakers” is a song which showcases the horrible affects of using meth and the feeling of losing control of your life as the vile drug takes over it. It’s a strong cautionary tale that could only come from somebody who once was in the throes of the addiction himself.

“Evidence” is a powerful and uplifting song about a man who gets that life isn’t about all of our troubles and differences and that instead of arguing and scheming for the distractions in life, we should learn to enjoy the little things and celebrate the diversity of our world and culture.  “I wanna be evidence of everything that’s beautiful in this whole world, like an old man dancing and the laughter of a little girl…with the simplicity of a smiling face.”

“Scared of Change” finds the band taking on the all too common harsh realities of looking at your life and how we all get a little too comfortable with our lifestyles to listen to others or take a chance with life to try and reap the rewards of taking that chance. “Can’t Catch Up” finds Danny singing and rapping about the problems of trying to get back into life after issues and “Guilty” finds him taking ownership of his own past issues and current problems head on.  This is one song that could find is way to modern rock stations given the whole chorus and melody of the tune.

Gullible’s Travels isn’t a sunshine and roses kind of album yet through all of the pain and sadness chronicled on this record, Danny certainly manages to use the 11 tracks here as a way to face his past head on and move on to a better, long life ahead of him. It’s a record many fans will be able to relate to and that’s exactly what makes Gullible’s Travels an album worth seeking out.