Brian Wright - House On Fire

Sometimes music is too broad to be confined to a neat little box to check a genre in. This is explicitly why we try to share albums like House on Fire with you, in addition to our regular mainstream country music. It's too good not to.

“Mean Ol’ Wind” has the kind of sound that fans of Ryan Bingham and Hayes Carll will certainly like – plaintive and folksy – while “The Good Dr.” recalls Wilco. Just as he gets rootsy, Brian Wright breaks out the Bill Withers-like soul of “Still Got You.” Later, we’re treated to a fantastic Townes Van Zandt like “Maria Sugarcane” and a funky interesting tune in “Had Enough” (with a little Tom Petty-vibe to it). In all honesty, there isn't a bad track on the album and each of 'em is worthy of being mentioned here, as is the fantastic album art which is presented as an old-school medicine advertisment. In a moment of virtuosity, Brian Wright plays virtually every instrument on the album as well.

With House On Fire Brian Wright (not to be confused with 90s country star Bryan White) has delivered what is sure to be viewed as one of the best album releases of 2011 (and it was originally self-released in 2010 before Sugar Hill picked it up for national distribution) and it certainly makes me wanna dig deep into his catalog of older material and hopefully it will also get a little lucky and be 2011’s Mumford and Sons in the minds of hipsters everywhere.

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