The Stetson Family - “Mama’s Gonna Take You Home”

Take a listen to this new song, taken from the Australian Americana/Bluegrass band’s forthcoming fourth album, “The Stars, If You Look Closely,” exclusively at Roughstock!

We’re always looking for great new songs to share with you on Roughstock and today is a special day as we’ve found Australian Roots / Bluegrass band The Stetson Family and their new song “Mama’s Gonna Take You Home.” The song is from their upcoming April 19 release The Stars, If You Look Closely. And it showcases a talented band telling a relatable story about taking life wherever it goes. The song showcases The Stetson Family’s strong musical chops with a great musical interlude featuring banjo player Colin Swan and fiddles and mandolins from Greg Field. The rest of the band consists of John Bartholomeusz (guitar), Luke Richardson on bass and guitarist and lead vocalist Nadine Budge. Budge and Bartholomeusz co-wrote the song with production handled by Nadine Budge and Ern Rose.

About the song:

”This is a rollicking tale of being on the road,” says Nadine. “(It’s About) having too much fun, too much to drink, not enough money and not a care in the world. Sometimes life’s just like that!”

As stated above, we’re excited to share this wonderful song from a (new to us) band. We will have our review of The Stars, If You Look Closely, the band’s fourth release, later this week.