Album Review: Cris Jacobs - “One Of These Days”

It’s been five years since Cris Jacobs has released an album but, as “One Of These Days” showcases, it was time well spent as it’s easily one of Roots Music’s finest releases of 2024.

Working with Jerry Douglas as producer for his new album One Of These Days, Cris Jacobs has returned from the dark side of his world to deliver a truly stunning album. The performances, captured live in studio, are top notch throughout and the guest list of stellar musicians includes Billy Strings, Sam Bush, Lee Ann Womack, The McCray Sisters, Lindsay Lou, and Jerry Douglas himself while The Infamous Stringdusters serve as the album’s house band.

Cris has a fine voice through One Of These Days and it’s a stellar collection with standouts including the single “Lifetime To Go” with Lee Ann Womack, the blisteringly musical “Poor Davey” with Billy Strings, the soulful and bluesy “Queen of the Avenue” with The McCray Sisters while the album closer “Everybody’s Lost” is an intimate and musical moment. “Work Song (I Can Still Sing)” feels like its from a bygone era but only ever feels fresh.

There’s nothing on One Of These Days that doesn’t bear repeated listening. This is a cohesive album with stellar performances, strong performances and suggests a fantastic live show worthy of seeing out if and when Cris Jacobs is in your area.

Cover Art (C) Cris Jacobs & Soundly Music Cover Art: Cris Jacobs.