Exclusive Premiere: Daryl Mosley - “Back When We Were Boys”

Pinecastle Records own Daryl Mosley is back with a brilliant new album,“A Life Well Lived” (out July 21). We are proud to partner with the label and the award-winning Bluegrass and Country roots artist for the premiere of “Back When We Were Boys.”

I love a great story song and that’s what Daryl Mosley delivers with “Back When We Were Boys.” The song reminds me of my late grandfather who often talked about his daily “war room” discussions with “the old goats” (his term) at The Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Parkland, Washington. He went there every morning and afternoon to solve every problem they could think of. This scene happens in every town, big or small, nationwide and it’s a wonderful treasure trove from which to pull a song from. Below he expands on the inspiration:

"Many mornings I have coffee at the Waverly Cafe and sit at the "Lier's Table!" (That's what they call it!) It's a group of retired men who get together each morning to drink coffee, solve the world's problems, and cut up with one another. I love to get them talking about their childhood. These men are a generation or so ahead of me so some of their experiences are different from mine. So, Rick Lang and I sat down to write something that captured the essence of their growing up years in Small Town America."

Daryl Mosley co-wrote “Back When We Were Boys” with Rick Lang and worked with The Grascals’ Danny Roberts for the third time in the producer’s chair for the new album A Life Well Lived. Roberts brought in ace musicians Tony Wray (guitar, banjo) and fiddler Adam Haynes along with Roberts (mandolin) and Mosley’s bass to create “Back When We Were Boys” with Riley Dotson adding in harmony vocals as well.

About Working with Danny Roberts On A Life Well Lived:
"Danny Roberts is one of my closest friends. We toured together during the 1990s in the band New Tradition. Danny has an incredible studio ear and loves the recording process. Before I started on my first solo album, Danny was the first call I made asking him to co-produce the album with me. He has done that on all three albums and I can in all sincerity say that the albums would not be what they are without Danny. "