Listen: Toby Keith - "Oklahoma Breakdown"

Take a listen to one of the best singles released in 2022, from a legend of the genre proving he's still got the goods to go to the top.

It used to be a standard thing for artists to cover songs they admired for their albums yet as the years have moved on, country music has seemingly moved on from this practice but Toby Keith isn’t like anyone else in country music nor does he, as a noted songwriter himself, often cut outside material. But, when he does, they’re almost always hits. “I Wanna Talk About Me,” “My List,” “Drinks After Work” “We Were In Love,” “I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying” (Even if he hates the latter song now). The point is his ears are strong and that’s what makes “Oklahoma Breakdown” such a success. It’s a hit song and it always has been. It was just written, recorded and released by a local Oklahoma singer/songwriter Michael Hosty and then, years later, brought to more ears by Stoney LaRue before Toby Keith took it on out of the Pandemic for his Peso in my Pocket album. Originally slated for an early 2022 single release, it was delayed until the fall after Toby Keith revealed he’d been battling stomach cancer for six months and, well, here we are.

Quite simply, “Oklahoma Breakdown” is a song about young love and living in the moment. The song has a groove for days and a spirited vocal from Toby mixed amogst the equally spirited instrumental bed. Quite simply, this is the best single Toby Keith’s released in a good while and should find radio receptive to it’s charms as it sounds wonderful mixed within the chart-topping hits of the moment.