Zoe Cummins & Gabe Lee - "Common Law"

Take a listen to one of the most-charming and delightful new singles to come out this summer.

This brand new single, released digitally, "Common Law" is a brilliant slice of traditional country music duet balladry. There's a modern slice on the lyrics about a couple who can't afford a lot but still very much in love and have been together for a long time, long enough for them to be essentially "Common Law" married.

"We ain't traditional, workin' things out as a ritual, You don't quit love that's habitual, just because a couple of flaws. But hey in our defense, we can't afford a ring or a picket fence To some it might not be common sense, but the judge calls it common law"

With that simple chorus, the duo showcases a brilliantly natural and playful mix which recalls the classics of Loretta and Conway or more recent duets like Joey + Rory. I am very hopeful that this song brings two artists who are great apart together more often, perhaps for a whole album.

What do you think of "Common Law?"

You can listen to this song on our "All That's New In Country Music" playlist over at Apple Music!