Exclusive Track Premiere: Whitney Lockert - "This Disguise"

We're always on the hunt for new, exciting music to share with you and we've found another great one with Whitney Lockert.

Hip Hop wasn’t the first music genre with an the East coast/West coast rivalry. Country Music has always had such a rivalry with the CMA and ACM Award programs showcases. While that rivalry, like the Hip Hop one, has waned over the years, the award shows still exist and artists still fall into such “places” in the musical landscape. But what happens when an “East coast” artist transplants to the West coast? For Whitney Lockert, it was refuge and renewal as showcased on the forthcoming album Long Way to California (out July 15). The record draws on various experiences and hoped futures and from his work with artists like Marc Ford and Nigerian reggae star Majek Fashek.

The album finds Whitney Lockert musing on growing older while simultaneously nostalgically looking back at growing up in a small town. “This Disguise” is a song from LongWay To California, and we’re very proud to be premiering it exclusively here before it releases to DSPs on Friday, June 30. Below is what Whitney has to say about the track:

“’This Disguise' is a song about growing up and wondering what the heck that means. I remember writing the lyrics as I parked my car to go to the very dull office job I was working at the time. I hadn’t been out of college long and was just kind of wondering if this was life. Musically, its obvious inspiration is Neil Young and Crazy Horse, with an opportunity to stretch out on guitar and a great propulsive groove with some fun time changes. This one’s a lot of fun to play live."