Exclusive Premiere: Danni Leigh - "A Honky Tonk Song" (Listen)

One of the truest honky tonk singers of the past 30 years returns with a wonderful album this week. Check out this fantastic track in this exclusive preview!

One of the best pure country singers on the planet, Danni Leigh has returned after 15 years away from the spotlight with her new album Walkin' On A Wire set for release June 10. When the opportunity came to not only spotlight that album's release but also a song from the record, we jumped at the chance to share this song with y'all ahead of the album drop this Friday. The song, which opens up the new project for Audium/BFD and will give you "all the feels" as it has a time-honored approach which just sets us up and ready for the rest of Walkin' On A Wire's fantastic set of songs (look for our review of that album later this week).

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