Exclusive Audio Premiere: Kurt Deemer - "Rearview"

Take a listen to an artist who has his finger on the pulse of the world once again with this track from "Reclaim The Night," out Friday.

The great thing about the Americana genre is that it is able to house a wide variety of artistic sounds and Kurt Deemer is one such artist that blends the roots of Americana with the rock side of Americana into an ear-pleasing blend. It's music which delivers meaningful lyrics amidst earworm worthy melodies. We're proud to have partnered with Kurt for the premiere of "Rearview" a track from the upcoming Reclaim The Night, due out Friday, May 6. We hope you enjoy the song as much as we do!

About The Song "Review:"

"Coming through the pandemic there’s been a lot of talk about people re-evaluating their priorities. Every situation has a silver lining and in this song I’m trying to focus on staring that down. There comes a time in relationships and situations when there’s only so much more you can glean about how you’ve gotten where you are by looking at where you’ve come from. There comes a time when we need to move without reservation into an unknown future and reinvent ourselves as we want to be. This is one of those times. And that’s what this song is trying to capture."

About Reclaim The Night:

Reclaim the Night offers a mix of the mellow and the mighty, the introspective and the anthemic, the acoustic and the electric. Having played with the same group of Baltimore-based musicians for years, Deemer found himself in need of a change after World Upside Down's release, having written a handful of acoustic songs that didn't seem to match his band's amplified stomp. Looking for new collaborators, he assembled a small band and headed to a local warehouse, where Reclaim the Night was recorded in a rehearsal space whose cozy confines mirrored that of a bedroom. It wasn't fancy, but the space suited the new songs perfectly.

"At first, we weren't sure if we were making demos or the final product," Deemer admits. The group worked quickly, letting instincts lead the way, capturing each song without excess fanfare or frills. Honest and heartfelt, the recordings were then transferred to 2-inch tape for analog warmth, with Deemer recruiting DC post-punk veteran J. Robbins (Jawbox, Government Issue) to mix the songs. "We left some of the rough edges." he says of the finished product, taking pride in the album's raw, real, unpolished punch. "We did it the hard way. We did it old-school."

Reclaim The Night hits all music DSPs and stores on Friday, May 6.