Watch: Jelly Roll - "Son of a Sinner"

This exceptional song is worthy of any and all success it achieves. Check out the music video from the multi-genre-bending artist here.

One of the best things that’s happened to the music world over the past few years, at least to those of us who grew up listening to everything they could, is that genre lines have blurred and cross-pollinated to the point where mainstream country music can have an artist like Jelly Roll release a single or two to the genre while also simultaneously scoring hits on other charts like the Mainstream Rock or Triple A or even Top 40. Zac Brown Band has been a band to dip their toes into these fields and Jelly Roll is perhaps the latest, most interesting artist to do so.

His album Ballads of the Broken was released by BBR Music Group and Stoney Creek Records where the album has opener “Dead Man Walking” in the Top 10 Rock charts while another track, “Son Of A Sinner,” has become a streaming and playlist favorite as it is set up to become a mainstream country radio hit. All of the songs on Ballads of the Broken contain parts and stories ripped from Jelly Roll’s own life.

“Son of a Sinner” is definitely a song that speaks to anyone who has to fight demons to stay on the “straight and narrow” and that they’re only one step away. And, in reality, in the modern American society, we are only one step away from life’s big problems. This song is one we need in country music and I’m glad it’s coming from a real place and not shoehorned into the charts by another artist and we got the artist himself sharing it with us.