The Kody Norris Show - "Brand New Hit In Nashville"

Check out this exceptionally talented band's new single from their forthcoming album "All Suited Up" on Rebel Records.

There’s a “retro” coolness to The Kody Norris Show that comes through in just the attire the quartet chooses to wear. Then you press play on their aptly-named All Suited Up album (out April 23, 2021) and bam! That charm comes through every song they play and sing. They’re a joyful band to listen to and watch and that’s one reason we’re excited to exclusively premiere this new music video for “Brand New Hit In Nashville.”

The band smartly doesn’t wear the ‘suits’ in the beginning of the video for it does’t play to the theme set up by the song itself (it would feel out of place, honestly) and they instead just show why they’re already a respected young band in the Bluegrass and acoustic music world until the song gets towards the end when it matches up with the lyrics.