Alecia Nugent - "Way Too Young For Wings"

Take a listen to this impactful single from Alecia Nugent's new album "The Old Side Of Town," exclusively here!

I've lost many people in my life and when you lose someone young, the sting of their lost life hurts even more. You start to dream about what they could've, would've been. "Way Too Young For Wings"  tells a story ripped from Alecia Nugent's own life and it's presented as a beautifully created eulogy about losing someone so young. Thanks to her plaintive, traditional vocal, Alecia pulls every nuanced emotion out of the lyrics and makes you FEEL every word. This is what the best of artists do and that's what we can expect with every other track on Alecia Nugent's just-released album, The Old Side of Town, out now on Hillbilly Goddess Music, and we're proud to share it with y'all.

Story behind the song:

"This song is in memory of Tyler Deville. Tyler was special to all of my family, and he was one of those kids that touched many hearts in our little community. But to my baby girl, he was her first love...her high school sweetheart. Sadly, at the age of 21, his life was taken in an accident. He was way too young for wings. RIP Tyler. We love and miss you." - Alecia Nugent