DJ Cannon Banyon & Charlie Farley - "Rather Be" (Featuring Franklin Embry & Shamu The Panda)

It's always interesting to hear blends of genres and the name Charlie Farley should be familiar to our longtime friends as he's been featured here multiple times. Now, he's joining DJ Cannon Banyon to release an EP and this is the lead single. Take a listen here!

There’s a nice blend of southern sounds and urban beats with “Rather Be” from DJ Cannon Banyon and Charlie Farley’s Out The Box EP. Shamu The Panda created the basic track and sent it to DJ Cannon Banyon who then worked with Charlie Farley and Franklin Embry to create this melodic, sing-a-long ready tune which certainly fits within what we’ve showcased in the past, particularly with one of our favorite artists, Charlie Farley on the track. It’s new, it’s different and it’s definitely worth your time.

About the creation of the track the South Carolina based DJ Canyon Banyon had to say: "Shamu of DrumDummie sent me this record with the hook and beat already done. When I first heard it, I was like, ""Damn" that's Fire!!! I felt it would go perfectly on my "Out The Box" EP with Charlie Farley.

Shamu, Charlie, Franklin Embry and myself went into Keystone Studios in Nashville to cut it. Charlie and Franklin did their verses and it was so powerful hearing it back through the speakers!!! We are hoping everyone enjoys the realness of this song because we definitely do music "Out the Box!!!"

Finally, about the release of “Rather Be” and the collaborative EP Out The Box (released via Average Joes Entertainment), Banyon had to say, “"Charlie and I were scheduled to do a bunch of dates with me as his DJ.  Most of the shows got canceled because of the virus, but we will be on the road when this is over!! "

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