Striking Matches - “Don’t Hold Back”

Buzzworthy duo releases video for new single from their forthcoming EP. watch it here!

The dynamic Justin Davis and Sarah Zimmermann, which formed while in college at Belmont University, is back with “Don’t Hold Back,” a song which showcases the growth the hard to categorize duo has developed since the release of Nothing But Silence in 2015.

The duo, who wrote a lot of tracks for the show Nashville through the series’ run on TV, has also placed songs in multiple shows since then. Their talent evident to many as 5hey set to drop their next project, Morning, soon. This track is the first tase of that track and the video was produced by Casey Pierce.

“We had so much fun making this video with Casey Pierce. When he told us he wanted to have Sarah spinning on top of a house of cards, we knew that really anything was possible and to let all three of our imaginations run a little wild was exactly the video this song needed.   We wanted to evoke the feeling of not holding anything back, and it is definitely our most colorful and adventurous video yet, in every sense of the phrase.” ~Striking Matches