World Premiere: Royal South - "Cry, Cry"

We love a great new musical discovery and we think we have one here with this new trio. Take a listen to the world premiere of Royal South's debut single "Cry, Cry" here!

What do you get when you get three diverse talents from three diverse locations (Texas, the UK, Kentucky) and find them converging in Nashville, Tennessee? Well, you get the new country music band Royal South. And if there's a new trio in Nashville, there's a good chance that iconic producer Paul Worley is working with the trio in one way or another. In fact, some of the country music, nay the music world's biggest trios have at one time worked with the award-winning producer. Royal South, which consists of SaraBeth, Glen Mitchell,  and Vickie Vaughn. Each member brings unique talents to the table and a diverse background working with some of country music's biggest names and playing on stages all over the world including the Grand Ole Opry. We are delighted to help be part of the story of Royal South's birth onto the country music scene. With all that history, we hope you enjoy "Cry, Cry," the trio's lead single from their forthcoming EP.