World Premiere: Mike Smith & Jonathan Hay (Featuring Bubba Sparxxx) - "Beautiful Day (Remix)"

Sometimes an unexpected sonic delight crosses your ears and you wanna share it with the world. This is such a song. We hope you enjoy the world premiere of "Beautiful Day (Remix)"!

With “Beautiful Day,” Mike Smith and Jonathan Hay have created a song which has become an underground sensation in the Christian music world. With the rootsy, groove-filled sound, “Beautiful Day” is uplifting and on this remix with Bubba Sparxxx, the song has another inspirational message added to the song. The song, currently the #5 most-streamed song in the Christian music charts (according to Billboard), is about humanity; it’s a song about enjoying the moment and all of the natural beauty all around us. We hope you take a listen and enjoy "Beautiful Day" because we’re very proud to be sharing the great song with you.

"Beautiful Day" appears on the forthcoming album Illusion Delusion and the "Beautiful Day (Remix)" feat Bubba Sparxxx will be featured on the LP Jail Tattoos.