Mike Ryan - "Damn Good Goodbye"

Check out the latest hit single from rising star Mike Ryan here!

Mike Ryan is one of the best vocalists you've probably not heard of yet, unless you read these pages our listen to Texas country radio. A fixture on that scene, Ryan's latest single is from his Blink You'll Miss It album. His previous hits from the album were "The Rewrite," which featured Brad Paisley on guitar, and a song called "Sad Song," a song which showed off Mike Ryan's vocals unlike any song before then. A top songwriter in Nashville, Ryan co-wrote this track with CJ Solar, Brent Anderson and Chris Dubois.


  • Jane

    Hey Matt, Can you please do weekly Whole Album Consumption numbers updates more often??!!! I am a big Jon Pardi fan and 2 months ago his album sales units for California sunrise was at 841k. Just curious how close is he now to that platinum 1 million status? Thanks . Love your website articles!!!