World Premiere: Sylvia - "You Can't Go Back Home"

Take a listen here to the exclusive premiere of "You Can't Go Back Home Again" and see the refreshed, nay, Second Bloom, of Sylvia's best and brightest songs.

One of the best singers in country music is back with a cool new project called "Second Bloom. The concept for Sylvia's new album was to record her classics like "Nobody," "Fallin' In Love," "Snapshot," "Drifter" and "Like Nothing Ever Happened" in a slightly modernized production style. The essence and the melodies of these songs stayed the same (as has Sylvia's pristine vocal) but they do feel refreshed or, on a 'Second Bloom.' There are 10 tracks on the album and 9 of them are big hits and on, the closer "You Can't Go Back Home," is one Sylvia always wished would've been a hit (and now it can be). She has said "The song metaphorically captures the clear intention that I didn't want to try to 'go back home' and re-create the original recordings." Sylvia continues, "I wanted to breathe new life into them as if I was recording them for the first time, yet honoring the core of their identity musically."

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  • Jean

    I love this song!!! I play it over and over again. Beautiful! Thank you so much for taking me down Memory Lane!

  • Jeannie

    I am so glad to have found this heart-felt song! We may not be able to physically go back home again, but we will always have those precious memories inbeded in our heart. Just the word, "home" brings back so many loving memories. My father gave me to my great-grandmother when I was a new-born baby, because my mother did not want me. But, Granny was truly my mother in every sense of the word. I so loved to sleep with her in her "feather bed", and listen as she told me about her husband, who had died so many years ago. My, goodness, how she did love that man! No, I cannot go back home again, but even now, at 78 years old, I can still remember my Granny, who lived to be 96 years old. It won't be too long now, until I will be reunited with her in heaven. But, my greatest joy will be to first see my Saviour, Jesus Christ, who shed His Blood on the cross of Calvary to pay MY sin debt in full! WHAT A DAY THAT WILL BE!

  • Mark Stevens

    While the song is called "You Can't Go Back Home," the memories this brings back for me take straight back home to many years ago with my father, who loved Sylvia as much as I did. This is a beautiful version to the song.

  • Greg Wade

    An amazing song! It's so full of emotion and beauty. Sylvia's voice is so sweet and pure like it's always been. I love this song a lot! I've been listening to the original recording for nearly 36 years. I most definitely can relate to the lyrics more now as I'd guess most everybody can. I haven't been back home in nearly ten years. I've heard the old house I lived in with my grandma and the old drive-in she owned has been torn down. So many things have changed. Thank you Sylvia for rerecording this wonderful song for your new album. It holds so much truth about life and how time goes by so quickly and there's no way to stop the changes from happening.