Exclusive Premiere: Brailey Lenderman - “Remember All The Nights”

Newcomer showcases her considerable artistic chops on strong debut single.

Georgia has been known for their deep well of country music talent and we can add Brailey Lenderman as another discovery from that well. Working with an industry team which includes Phoenix Stone (Backstreet Boys, Maty Noyes, Este & Danielle Haim) and producers Jared Logan (Fall Out Boy) and Aswan North (Paper Tongues), Lenderman worked with songwriters like Travis Meadows and Tim Nichols on the material which makes up her forthcoming album. “Remember All The Nights” showcases a talented singer and songwriter who has a raw, powerful voice that can also at times feel delicate and playful as Kelsea Ballerini and as intimate as LeAnn Rimes at other times. “Remember All The Nights” is but the start for this talented newcomer.