Exclusive: The Grascals - "Sleepin' With The Reaper"

The award-winning, Grand Ole Opry favorites The Grascals have always straddled the line between Bluegrass and rootsy country music and this, their lead single from their forthcoming album (due September 1, 2017 via Mountain Home Music Company) is a fantastic look into what you can expect from one of Bluegrass music’s top bands and a top Grand Ole Opry draw. Despite member changes not uncommon to Bluegrass bands, The Grascals remain one of the best bands in the business as this song --with lead vocals from John Bryan -- proves. (Note: the rest of The Grascals include Terry Eldredge, Terry Smith, Kristin Scott Benson, Danny Roberts, and Adam Haynes).

The lyrics of "Sleepin' With The Reaper" are haunting and the melody sticks you in the gut. This is real, American roots music and for those looking for something great outside of mainstream Country music, this song and The Grascals themselves, should be a band worthy of your attention.

You can order a copy of Before Breakfast here.