Home Free & The Oak Ridge Boys - "Elvira"

Home Free brings a cappella musical production sounds to the mix while creating a contemporary version of "Elvira" and swaps lines and verses with the iconic band.

Here's where two bands, one iconic, one poised to join them, join forces to recreate the fantastic classic "Elvira." Home Free, the winners of a season of The Sing-Off and new Country Music Hall of Famers The Oak Ridge Boys joined forces for this magical recreation which manages to breathe new life into the iconic 1980s hit which also crossed over onto the pop charts.

This rendition is fantastic and showcases Home Free and The Oak Ridge Boys have talent for more fun cross-generational band crossover opportunities.



  • acapellaluv

    *Thx for the write-up, Matt!...Pls post it to HF's FB page, so their fans can see it!!...Grand Ole Opry just posted on their page, their Opry debut vid 'Life Is A Highway'..It is awesome!!..I could tell they were nervous, maybe not as fully tight as I've seen them sing, live!..(I'm a huge fan, duh)! BUT HF not 'perfect', is better than most are, at their best!!..You can see Larry Gatlin, sitting in the back, w/white shirt, loving' it! :)