Lee Brice - "That Don't Sound Like You"

Take a listen to and watch the video for the third single from "I Don't Dance."

With a solid string of six Gold or Platinum Top 10 hits (5 of them #1’s) dating back to 2011’s “A Woman Like You,” Lee Brice is well-positioned to keep the hit streak going with new single “That Don’t Sound Like You.” Another interestingly-produced track, “That Don’t Sound Like You” features a strong melody and an even strong yet subtle vocal from Lee Brice as he talks about a woman who was careless and carefree with the narrator (Lee) but has grown, tired, bitter and weary when she calls up Lee.

It’s an interesting approach on how people change to be with someone they think they need and they think they want but slowly see the life they loved creeping out of them. What Lee Brice is able to vocally convey is the emotion and the it of it about what the girl is calling him for, to reassure her she’s free to leave the man and life she’s miserable in and return home to be the woman she used to be, an emotion plenty of fans will agree with.