Stephen Wesley - "Who I Am With You"

Take a listen to the newcomer's take on one of 2014's most-popular songs.

Independent artist Stephen Wesley was featured on our pages a few weeks back with his cover of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's "Meanwhile Back At Mama's" and the rising star has returned to share his acoustic take on Chris Young's #1 hit "Who I Am With You." He showcases a powerful voice and manages to make the popular song his own.

We'd love to hear what you think of his take on the hit country song by leaving a comment in the comments area below!


  • Janet Frost

    Wow Stephen, this is a beautiful song and video. I love the way it is done. So much feeling. So much emotion. Just wow.

  • Theressa Law

    i like Stephens take on this song, he really brings it an "earthy" sound, which not only tells you what kind of an artist he is but also what type of a person he is as well, which is a down to earth person!