Album Review: Trace Adkins - “Something’s Going On”

Now with Wheelhouse Records, Trace Adkins has selected a collection of songs which suit his rich voice and overall style.

It’s been a few minuets since Trace Adkins scored a massive hit but that doesn’t mean he’s been idle. Instead, he’s been hard at work making Something’s Going On, a record which is the first of hopefully many more to come from Wheelhouse Records. The album features the strong single “Watered Down,” a slight throwback to 90s and 2000s country where honest stories of confronting aging and life in general were more likely to be heard. The melody is strong and the lyric is relatable. It’s Real. Honest. Country. The title tune “Something’s Going On” showcases the romantic side of Trace Adkins’ music that has often been a staple of his live show with his rich baritone showing nuance and verve in the smoldering baby making song.

There are a few moments of modern country radio influence in “Gonna Make You Miss Me” and “Ain’t Just The Whiskey Talkin’” But they’re still very much Trace Adkins songs even if they feel like they could have been sung by anyone. “Still A Soldier” is a song which any retired military member will relate to while the romantic power ballad “Hang” serves as a strong closing song to the album.

Trace Adkins has nothing to prove to anyone yet he’s still out there making the kind of records fans have long admired from him. While there are a few misses on the record, the majority of Something’s Going On works and makes for the best record he’s released since the height of his Capitol days.