David Adam Byrnes - "She Only Wanted Flowers"

With his debut single "Sweet Distraction," Arkansas native David Adam Byrnes made an immediate mark on the country music world with a Top 25 debut. Will this, his sophomore single, find a similar success with country radio stations everywhere?

Well, the result would probably be something along the lines of David Adam Byrnes' "She Only Wanted Flowers." The song begins with a richly detailed rundown of the things she's left behind: a Cadillac still parked in the driveway, a dresser full of her clothes, her jewelry on the vanity, et cetera. Come the chorus, he sings quite simply, "She only wanted flowers / It's the little things that matter." It's easy to tell he's kicking himself over what he's realized after the fact. When I reviewed the album, I highlighted the lyric "The last thing we did together / Was tear each other apart" as an excellent lyric. Six months later, I have to agree with myself: it gives the song a bit more "drive" to get through the second verse without being redundant. The melody and production aren't terribly special, but this is the kind of song that's so well-written that it's hard to fault it for that. 

Byrnes has made a bit of noise on the Music Row charts already, and "She Only Wanted Flowers" should easily outpeak its predecessor. Those charts are full of little "treasures" that don't always get mainstream recognition, so I would highly recommend checking them out, and maybe sampling the works of a name or two you don't recognize. You just might find something else you like, just as I did.

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