David Adam Byrnes - Premium Country

23 year old Arkansas native David Adam Byrnes quietly released this album via Better Angels Music/Ride Records (Steve Azar's company) in late November.  Check out what writer Bobby Peacock has to say about the album.

David Adam Byrnes - "She Only Wanted Flowers"

With his debut single "Sweet Distraction," Arkansas native David Adam Byrnes made an immediate mark on the country music world with a Top 25 debut. Will this, his sophomore single, find a similar success with country radio stations everywhere?

New Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Quayle

Stephanie Quayle is one person who is definitely doing what she was meant to do with her life and career. She started writing when she was just twelve years old, and by sixteen, she was fronting a band---in Switzerland! Get to know Stephanie through this exclusive feature.

David Adam Byrnes - She Only Wanted Flowers

Take a listen to the sophomore single from Arkansas-native David Adam Byrnes.  It follows up the Top 20 Music Row Chart hit "Sweet Distraction" and comes from David's Premium Country album.

Stephanie Quayle - Ain't No Housewife

Through sheer determination and hard work, Stephanie Quayle has started to gain a national presence in the country music community.  Does this self-released album stand-up to the best that music row's big labels have to offer?

Billy Yates - That's Why I Run

After last year's compilation "Favorites," Billy Yates has returned with his 6th studio album "That's Why I Run."  With all but the debut album self-released, he has carved out quite a nice niche for himself.  With that in mind, does the album stan

Richie Fields - Down Memory Lane

Richie Fields has garnered a larger national profile with a few singles prior to this albums release. Does the Maryland-native's latest album - the just released Down Memory Lane  - live up to the promise showed on those singles?

Ken Domash - Countrified

Ken Domash's first single "Countrified" is out on the radio and finding a home, the St. Lous native has released this record. It's a refreshing piece of country/rock that surprised the heck out of us.  Was it a good or bad surprise?