the JaneDear girls - "Shotgun Girl"

With their first single "Wildflower" breaking the Top 15, the JaneDear girls proved there was indeed still room for yet another duo, providing that the music hit all the right notes. Will/should their sophomore single "Shotgun Girl" be an even bigger hit?

Just like their last song, "Shotgun Girl" is energetic and slick. Also like "Wildflower", it plays up the duo's strengths: sassy but not strident voices, solid harmonies, catchy melodies and rock-leaning production. When I heard the title, I was thinking literally some kind of gun would be involved, but instead, the hook refers to calling "shotgun"; i.e., the front seat of her lover's pickup. That's a kind of phrasing that isn't used very often in songs (even SHeDAISY just called it "Passenger Seat"), so it gives the song just a little bit more than your average young-adult ode to loving a bad boy. 

"Shotgun Girl" is the second fine single release from a fresh, talented new duo. It's not a vast departure from "Wildflower", but it's different enough to prove that the JaneDear girls aren't a one-trick pony. (Insert Heidi Newfield reference here.) Reprise hasn't yet had much luck in getting a second hit out of… well, anyone, but I think that the JaneDear girls might have what it takes to prove that there's room for more than one hitmaking duo in this town.

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