the JaneDear girls - Merry Go Round

The third single from the duo's self-titled debut album for Warner Brothers Nashville, the JaneDear girls are hoping to break-open with this single as it's now at country radio. Take a listen to the John Rich-produced tune and let us know what

the JaneDear girls - "Merry Go Round"

Now here's a song thats' bound to draw the ire of many country music fans out there. Despite possessing more fiddle and 'country' instruments than many hits thesedays, the song also has modern rock/hip-hop influences. Do we think it'll be a hit?

the JaneDear girls - "Shotgun Girl"

With their first single "Wildflower" breaking the Top 15, the JaneDear girls proved there was indeed still room for yet another duo, providing that the music hit all the right notes. Will/should their sophomore single "Shotgun Girl" be an even bigger hit?

New Artist Spotlight: the JaneDear girls

With a hot single in the Top 15 at country radio, the JaneDear girls have certainly made an impression on country fans.  With their debut album released this week, the girls (Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett) talked to us for our latest New Artist Spotlight.

the JaneDear girls - the JaneDear girls

With the release of this album the JaneDear girls are bringing back the attitude that has largely been abscent from the scene since Shania 'retired.'  Does the duo help to make up for her absence with this, their debut CD?