Top 40 Singles of 2008: Becky Schlegel - "Jenny" (#10)

Becky Schlegel has become a popular regional artist in the mid-west.  Her blend of bluegrass and traditional Acoustic country melodies has garnered her an audience in the remainder of the United States as well.  This song is our first entrant into the Top 10 singles of the year.

Some people have often questioned why I like country music, bluegrass and roots music.  I listen to the music for a variety of reasons and one of them is when an artist like Becky Schlegel comes along.  Her national debut album, "For All The World To See" was a revelation with its mixture of Bluegrass and traditional country music sounds.  Released as a single in early fall, "Jenny" finds Becky Schlegel (pronounced Shh-lay-gull) singing a haunting lyric about how a man copes with the loss of his true love.  The instrumentation shimmers while Schlegel's producer Brian Fesler frames Becky's voice perfectly.

While radio wasn't brave enough to spin this song, as was predicted when the single was reviewed last fall, the beauty of living in the digital age is that we can put songs like this on our own 'hit songs' playlists, something that often happens when great "unknown" songs like "Jenny" come along.  Quite simply, no matter what corporate radio says, this song is a smashing example of the kind of Country music is being made if you just dare to look outside the Top 40 and give some songs a shot.  Sometimes you'll have to wade through copycats but every so often you'll come across a gem as enthralling as Becky Schlegel's "Jenny."

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