Charlie Allen - Why Ask Why

After going through a couple of label deals, Charlie Allen partnered up with River Run Records to produce his latest album "That Was Then This Is Now."  "Why Ask Why" is the third single from the successful independent release and showcases a side not before showcased to radio.  But is

The first thing that's evident in "Why Ask Why," the third single from Charlie Allen's sophomore album "That Was Then - This Is Now," is the bluesy shuffle that serves as the backdrop for Charlie Allen's impassioned vocal.  Recalling Travis Tritt, Allen sings a lyric that takes the listener into his mind as he’s asking his lady friend why people go through the motions until ‘midnight’ and asking “why would you want to go home at night when there’s huggin’ and kissin’ in the pale moonlight?” 

“Why Ask Why” is the kind of county song that used to be all-over the radio and it’s certainly produced well enough to be played right now.  It’s a thoroughly professional, fun single from a small label and artist that has as much or more talent than many of the big label folks.