Charlie Allen - Grandpa's Recipe

With a series of strong singles and albums (like 2008's That Was Then, This Is Now), Charlie Allen returns with a fantastic new single from his upcoming album. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

Charlie Allen - Why Ask Why

After going through a couple of label deals, Charlie Allen partnered up with River Run Records to produce his latest album "That Was Then This Is Now."  "Why Ask Why" is the third single from the successful independent release and showcases a side not before showcased to radio.  But is

Roughstock Interview: Charlie Allen

Independence. We all strive for it.  Despite music still being in label-artist models, all artists still want independence. But the strong artists recognize the need to have a good team around them.  In a candid interview, River Run Records' artist Charlie Allen discusses them and other industry

In Case You Missed It

With all the new music that is endlessly coming out this time of year, it's only natural for someone to miss getting around to reading about a new release or two. Here's a rundown of our latest reviews.

Charlie Allen - That Was Then, This is Now

After being an industry dominated by large companies, the tide seems to be turning back to independent artists and record companies. With solid song selection and strong production, Charlie Allen looks as if he's an artist who's ready to be a condender.&nbs