Williams Riley - Life in the Fast Lane

Williams Riley has taken their career back into their own hands after their label Golden Music closed this summer.  Now back with a new single here's your chance to take a listen to Williams Riley's latest single, a version of the classic song from The Eagles. 

Williams Riley - "Makes Me Go (La La)"

With the recent influx of bands to the country music scene, it takes quite a bit for a band to stand out.  Williams Riley found some moderate success on the charts in 2009. Can this single become their breakthrough, indentity making hit?

Williams Riley - "Sweet September"

Williams Riley have released a couple of previous singles and while those two have been great showcases for their talent, "Sweet September" feels exactly like the kind of harmony-rich country vocal that Diamond Rio used to own.  Will it be their breakthrough hit?

Williams Riley is Cookin' Up Some Country Livin'

Earlier this year Williams Riley released a single called "I'm Still Me" and while the single didn't burn up the charts, it did set up the band for their follow-up single "Country Livin'."  The band recently sat down to discuss the single and their career with us.