Dean Brody - Trail in Life

Dean Brody scored a Top 30 hit in the USA last year but then seemingly vanished.  After parting ways with his first label, Dean teamed up with Open Road Recordings for this Canadian release; which features "Roll That Barrel Out."

Dean Brody - Roll That Barrel Out

Dean Brody scored a Top 40 hit with "Brothers" last year for Broken Bow in the USA. Multiple singles off of Dean Brody scored better fates. "Roll That Barrel Out" is a track from Dean's upcoming sophomore album in Canada, his first for Open Road Recordings.

Dean Brody - "Gravity"

With his first single "Brothers" announcing his arrival, Dean Brody looks to "Gravity" to take his career a step further.  Does this song, which is similar to a Brad Paisley song, have enough to give him the desired result or will it fall by the wayside during this bombastic summer?

Dean Brody - Dean Brody

Dean Brody has endeared himself to country music fans with his single "Brothers" but does his debut album feature more songs like that or is the single the only thing worth paying attention to on this self-titled abum?