Dean Brody - "Gravity"

With his first single "Brothers" announcing his arrival, Dean Brody looks to "Gravity" to take his career a step further.  Does this song, which is similar to a Brad Paisley song, have enough to give him the desired result or will it fall by the wayside during this bombastic summer?

In an era of big voiced singers training music fans to wait for the ‘money notes’ or for artists to use the melisma technique (Reba’s used it for years) in lieu of actual sustainable talent, it’s nice to find singers who know their limitations and don’t attempt to cover such ground.    While a lot of this can partially be attributed to American Idol and shows of that ilk, it has also given fans reason to consider singers who cannot or choose not to sing such techniques as below-average.  Dean Brody may not have the ability to sing to the rafters but for what he lacks in vocal range he makes up for in actual songwriting talent.  Consider his new single “Gravity.”   Self-written by Dean, the song finds him comparing the love between himself and his wife to that of the mystery that is gravity.

It’s invisible, you can’t touch it, no matter where you go on earth you can’t out run it. It’ only exists to pull you in, ‘till you’re meant to be, yeah girl, our love is a lot like gravity.”
With that simple chorus, Dean Brody has delivered a simple, sweet and honest lyric that tugs on the heart without ever sounding corny.  Like Brad Paisley, Dean Brody has a flair for writing songs that touch the heart while also being able to write playful songs as well.  Add in Dean’s emotive yet never melismafied vocal and what we’ve got here is a song that demands to be listened to and something that may work very well as a wedding song this summer.

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