Exclusive Premiere: Jeff Evans Porkestra - “Flavor Is Power”

Check out this fun country folk love song from longstanding artist Jeff Evans Porkestra, his new musical project.

A veteran of the Americana scene in Atlanta, Jeff Evans has released 9 albums to date with his project Chickens and Pigs and he’s gearing up for his first Porkestra EP, Willow Pillow, set to launch on April 19. The EP features “Flavor Is Power” and we’re happy to be premiering it exclusively on Roughstock.com for you to listen to.

The phrase “flavor is power” hit Jeff Evans one day as if it were a bolt of lightning. “You think about what a girl might taste like when you kiss her,” he says. “Also, I was just starting to eat dandelion greens around the time I wrote this song, sautéing ‘em and stuffing them in the innards of a fish. I tend to write a lot about animals and food. ‘Her dandelions are more than flowers, flavor is power.’ In this instance, power is what you have to offer, what makes you stand out — what you can impart to someone else.”

Evans songwriting is as singular as it is charmingly eccentric. We hope you enjoy the song and will check out the full Jeff Evans Porkestra Willow Pillow EP on April 19 when the song hits all the DSPs.