Exclusive First Listen: Austin Merrill - "Like A Woman"

We've been big on sharing new talent to you for a while and this guy is one we're very, very, very excited about. Check out the first listen to "Like A Woman" from Austin Merrill, only on Roughstock!

Talented newcomer Austin Merrill is set to deliver his first EP, Whiskey & Water, soon and the project, which he worked on with mentor Mark Bright (Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts), features a distinctive nod to his heroes and influences while serving up fresh slices of modern country music. A modern songwriting wonder, Austin wrote each of the five songs on Whiskey & Water and this track, "Like A Woman" is a perfect example of his sturdy songwriting as he expressively sings the lyrics about the power that a good bottle can have on you and how it's comparable to a wonderful woman.

Look for Whiskey & Water to hit all DSP's on April 26, 2019. Go to the pre-order by clicking the EP cover art below.


Austin Merrill EP Cover