Mason Lively Announces New Self-Titled Album; Sets March Release Date

Rising Texan worked with Texas Music superstar Wade Bowen to create the album, which features the singles "Somethin' About A Southern Girl" and "Love Ain't A Damn Thing."

Still just 23 years old, Mason Lively has been hard at work on his music for years now and already has shared stages with the likes of Brothers Osborne, Jon Pardi, Jordan Davis and talents in the Texas Music world. Working with Wade Bowen as the producer, Lively will release his self-titled album on March 19, 2021.

The songs “Love Ain’t A Damn Thing” and “Something ‘Bout A Southern Girl” (Listen Here) both have premiered ahead of the album’s release and garnered early praise and hundreds of thousands of streams.

About “Love Ain’t A Damn Thing, Lively had this to say: “I wrote this one with my friend and fellow Texan Ben Danaher in Nashville,” says Lively. “The few times I’ve played ‘Love Ain’t Done A Damn Thing’ live, I’ve been amazed at how much it grabs people. I love the simplicity of the production, the homage to a stripped folk sound that has always heavily influenced me, and the swaying back and forth melody of the song itself.”

After he wrote his debut Stronger Ties entirely on his own, Mason was excited to work with Wade Bowen on his second album. “Around the time I started heavily writing again to record a batch of new songs; we were on the road with Wade Bowen,” Lively explains. “After a show one night, he kindly invited us on the bus where he started the conversation about songwriting. When I told him I wanted to start recording some of my new stuff, he replied ‘What you need is a good producer! Someone to steer the ship in the studio, and tell you which of your songs suck and which ones don’t!’ So after the advice was repeated a time or two more in similar fashion, I said ‘Well, do you wanna do it?’ And to my surprise he said yes. Sometimes, you just gotta knock and the door will open.”


Mason Lively Tracklist:
1. Something ‘Bout A Southern Girl
2. Love Ain’t Done A Damn Thing
3. Bar Talkin’
4. Senseless
5. Angry At This Town
6. Left Behind
7. The Future
8. Lonely You Leave Me
9. Demons
10. Happy Home
11. Devil On My Trail

Listen to “Love Ain’t Done A Damn Thing” here:


  • Courtney Puzzo

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