Album Review: AJ Hobbs - "Too Much Is Never Enough"

Purveyor of "outlaw soul" delivers that and more on this, his latest album release.

Early 2017 has given us a lot of interesting albums so far. There haven't been too many superstar projects but indie artists like AJ Hobbs have showcased that traditionally-minded country acts are still around and bringing great songs to market. The latest is AJ Hobbs with "Too Much Is Never Enough."

Produced by Ted Russell Kamp, Too Much Is Never Enough features a dozen great songs which range from traditional shuffles like "Are You Going To Tennessee" and Waylon-like "Life Without You" to Kristofferson-like story songs like "Daddy Loved The Lord" and "Shit Just Got Real."
Obviously, a student of the classic stars and writers from the Outlaw era of country music, AJ Hobbs is a dynamic singer and these songs likely play very well in a smoky or dusty music club setting. Even the cover of Merle's "The Bottle Let Me Down" is interesting here as AJ and Ted Russell Kamp added a horn section to give the song a fresh spin. The gloriously jovial opening title track "Too Much Is Never Enough" sets the pace for an album that shouldn't be missed.
If you miss good ole fun country music without sticky produced rock and pop influences, you should definitely check out Too Much Is Never Enough, a record which is one hell of a good time!