Story Behind The Song - Luke Bryan - "That's My Kind Of Night"

This song has been in the echo chamber of 'controversy' after Zac Brown called Luke Bryan's hit written by Ashley Gorley, Chris DeStefano and Dallas Davidson "the worst song I've ever heard." Find out what inspired the trio to wirte the song that is now Bryan's latest big chart-topping hit.

Luke Bryan's new single has been creating quite the buzz since its release in August. The song is the second release from Bryan's new Crash My Party album, and if it sounds like a big ole hit, chances are it's because the tune was penned by BMI's Songwriter of the Year Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley and Chris DeStefano, and sung by one of country music's hottest and most talented stars. Roughstock recently chatted with Davidson about the song and the day the three writers wrote Bryan's latest song that is blazing up the country singles chart.

"We were sitting there at Chris DeStefano's condo, and he started playing that intro," Davidson tells Roughstock. "Man, we write a lot of songs about partying. With that particular one, we wanted to write about what would be a perfect night. What is my kind of night? My kind of night is pulling up in a big, black, jacked-up truck with a pretty country girl and taking her out to my farm, riding her around and drinking some beer and sitting on a tailgate and going fishing ... going skinny dipping ... that is what we do. That's what we do where I'm from, and that's what I still do. With lines like catch us a little catfish dinner ... well that's what I used to do, that's what I still do and that's what Luke still does. In the video when he holds up the catfish, those came from his catfish pond. I wanted to write about what my kind of night is. That's my kind of night. Those lyrics describe the perfect night for me, believe it or not. 

"Some people may want to go have a $250 meal and a nice bottle of wine and go home to watch 'I Love Lucy' reruns, but that's not my kind of night," he continues with a smile. "My kind of night is to go out and raise a little hell and have fun and enjoy life. I think we certainly captured that in this song. We wrote it a little ahead of the curve with that beat. I think that's what makes that song so fresh.  

"I sent that song to Luke, and Luke immediately said, 'Dal, I'm cutting this! I love it! I'm putting this out as my next single,'" adds Davidson. "And he did that. Luke and I are so alike. I'm fortunate to be able to write a song about what I want to do, and it translates exactly into what Luke wants to do. That's what happened that day. We hit it on the head. I am extremely proud of this song. I love it. It makes people feel good. People may be riding down the road having a bad day, and that song comes on and they just crank it. They forget about what's going on."