Story Behind The Song: Luke Bryan - "Crash My Party"

Luke Bryan, hotter than the sun burns bright at this moment in time, has a new single on country radio called "Crash My Party" which was written by another in-demand country music writer, Rodney Clawson and in this exclusive for Roughstock, Rodney describes how the hit song came to be written.

Rodney Clawson is just coming off having yet another chart-topping hit with Florida Georgia Line's "Get Your Shine On," and he will be back up in that same position soon after Luke Bryan takes "Crash My Party" to the top in the coming weeks. Roughstock recently talked with Clawson about the story behind "Crash My Party," which he co-wrote along with hitmaker Ashley Gorley.

"I had that idea for a little while, and I was kind of saving it to write with the right person," Clawson tells Roughstock. "It was the only time Ashley and I had ever written together, just the two of us. I threw that idea out, and he really jumped on it. With this song, we intentionally tried to not put trucks and tailgates and beer and all that into the song. 

"Some people have asked me if it's a 'booty call' song, but it's not really, I don't think," Clawson continues. "It's just telling a girl ... hey, I like you so much that if you call me, I'll come to where ever you are or my door's open any time you want to come by because I want to see you, whether it's like two in the morning or if I'm in the front row of the best show ... if you call, I'm coming to meet you.

"We made it a little bit of a trick with the title," notes Clawson. "When people see 'Crash My Party,' they think it's probably going to be a party song, but it's not. We were able to use a little bit of a deception there with the title. Luke was the only person who heard the song. He was the only one we pitched it to, and he immediately put it on hold. Luckily we got the first single. It's my only cut on the record. I think Ashely's got five other cuts on the record [laughs]. Luke's been really good to us. Ashely, more so than I, is really dialed into what Luke is wanting to do right now. I was just lucky enough that Ashley and I wrote that song, and it ended up being exactly what he was looking for."