Emerson Drive - A Decade of Drive

Emerson Drive may have an up and down career in the United States over the last decade but they've scored a continuous stream of hits since 2001. This new release celebrates the first decade of their career.

The last album from Emerson Drive, 2009’s Believe never scored a release date in the USA, mainly due to the fact that Midas Records Nashville and Big Machine Records severed ties which left the group without a USA-based label.  Still, the open road records recording delivered quite a few hits to country radio in Canada, including “The Extra Mile,” “Believe” and “Belongs To You,” the last tune of Emerson Drive’s to break the Top 40 in the USA.  What’s odd is that Emerson Drive’s “What If? Album has only one track, an acoustic take on “November,” featured on this coolection while “A Good Man” and “Everyday Woman” are taken from Countrified and then “I Love This Road” and “That Kind of Beautiful” are from Believe.

The Decade of Drive album features three new singles, including the fantastic “When I See You Again.”  It’s a song that could be paired with Moments” as a cousin of sorts as it discusses the aftermath of losing a treasured friend or family member.  In a perfect world country radio would play the heck out of this tune but given how they wouldn’t play “Why” from Rascal Flatts or “I Will Not Say Goodbye” (songs with similar themes), then I doubt if US radio will play this beautiful and heart-felt tribute to the loss of band member Patrick Bourque.  The other two new tracks on record include the jovial “Sleep It Off” and upcoming USA single “Let Your Love Speak,” a song that mixes the rhythmic island vibe of a Jack Johnson song with a contemporary country/pop feel.  It’s a sound that suits Emerson Drive and could really help the group get some more airplay on country radio. 

While it’s true that Emerson Drive isn’t a band for everyone out there, particularly traditionalists, A Decade of Drive proves that the groups talent is real and that talent has allowed them to survive in a market where bands come and go on a seemingly daily basis.

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