Jennifer Nettles - "Sugar"

Listen to the debut single release from Jennifer Nettles's sophomore album here.

The voice of Sugarland returns to her mainstream country roots with this infectious confection. “Sugar” is as infectious as anything she recorded with her band and it’s easy to see why she’d wanna release the catchy, hook filled song as the lead single from her sophomore album. It still remains to be seen if radio will play her as a solo artist but it’s not for a lack of fun, radio-ready tunes this time around.

For fans who loved Jennifer's That Girl album, this will feel like a bait and switch but anyone who followed Sugarland as long as folks have followed the band should've know that a return to mainstream sounds, at least for radio singles, was always going to be possible with Jennifer Nettles having been a part of the mainstream for so long. "Sugar" is a strong entry into the mainstream canon and one I'm glad she's releasing.

Read the lyrics to Sugar (written with Brandy Clark and Jessie Jo Dillon) here.


  • Jason

    I love country music n all forms. Current, old school, folky, red dirt, Americana etc........I rarely can say I absolutely detest a country artist. There are those who aren't my favs but rarely can I say I've hated EVERY song an artist puts out or their style. Jennifer Nettles is the exception. I absolutely detest this song. I detested Sugarland too. I think the "funky-ness" and the sass to her vocals rubs me WAY the wrong way. I hated "Stuck like Glue" and her solo stuff prior to this current crap. This song is terrible n my opinion. Don't like the feel of it, her vocals are annoying, and the lyrics are stupid...,.again my opinion. If I never heard this again it would make me happy. This is one "tomato" that should stay on the vine.