World Premiere: Rod Black - "Long Gone"

Check out this exclusive music video premiere for the rising artist.

Rod Black is a new talent to us and when we heard this song, we wanted to partner with Rod to share his brand new music video for "Long Gone" with you. Below you can get to know a little more about the song, Rod, and the video itself.

RoughStock: What's the story behind the song "Long Gone"? What inspired you want to write/record it?

Rod Black: The video/song is about the one that got away, in this case the individual is not paying attention to the best thing in his life. After her trying to keep them together, she eventually walks out the door. Never take love for granted.....

RoughStock: How did you choose the songs for the album?

Rod Black: I pick the songs that are special, and I'm always writing on my own & co-writing songs with other people. It’s very import for me to feel connected to every song that we perform.

RoughStock: How much fun was it for you to film the video? Any cool stories you want to share from the filming of the video?

Rod Black: The crew that was put together for this video was quite amazing everybody put their time in and believed in the song and wanted to do the best that they could, one of the locations was randomly picked as we were heading to the main house for the shoot. Spontaneously we got out unloaded gear got footage and then got back out on the road to the main location it was pretty cool to be a part of it.

RoughStock: What is one thing fans would be surprised to know about you?

Rod Black: I flat lined when I was 19 it changed my life forever so I appreciate every day that I'm on this earth & I cherish every moment. I'm truly thankful. My mind is always active I’m developing different ideas for TV and film concepts as well as working on a children's book for my nieces and a charity. I love to stay busy.


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