Sam Hunt - "House Party"

Listen to the follow-up to the #1 Platinum singles "Leave The Night On" and "Take Your TIme" here.

The third single from his debut album Montevallo showcases why Sam Hunt is such a popular artist. His sound may stretch what we know country music as but the sound and the swagger of "House Party" makes it apparent that he is indeed a country music artist. He's just redefining what country music is in the modern, 21st century. He's the next evolution of the sound of country music. He may not have steel guitars and fiddles in every song but he's 100% himself and the music speaks to that. The lyrics and vocal intonations are undeniably country and the song is an ear worm of a track that has a strong possibility of being THE song of the summer for 2015 (or one of the main contenders).

Like it or not, Sam Hunt is a star and country music (as a popular music art form) should be glad to have him and his evolutionary take on the genre within it.