Brett Eldredge - "Lose My Mind"

For the follow-up to his successful debut album Bring You Back, Brett Eldredge comes out of the gates ready to build upon the three #1 hits "Don't Ya," "Beat Of The Music" and "Mean To Me" with "Lose My Mind." There are elements of pop, classic R&B and some country sounds (Telecasters, mandolins, bouzoukis) in the mix that makes it a great modern mainstream country song. (After multiple listens, I even hear a little "Flowers On The Wall" vibe in the whole song too)

The lyrics from Eldredge, Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan (who wrote "Beat Of The Music") are interesting and showcase the emotions about what it's like to fall so deeply for someone that you cannot get them out of your every thoughts. It's a relatable story and told in a fresh, unique way.

This song really could be Brett Eldredge's A-list star-making turn that he seems poised to make. "Lose My Mind" is two and a half minutes of pure energy.

You can now buy "Lose My Mind" on iTunes. I highly suggest you do as we may have the hit of summer for 2015.